We understand the feeling you get on stage, when years
of practice and countless hours of planning come
together in a moment of pure magic

                         The Magic Awaits...

Theatre Arts

Virginia Intermont College

  Virginia Intermont College Theatre students will -


  • Learn through real experience in a well-rounded curriculum to build an impressive resume for pursuit of future employment in performing arts
  • Engage in a training program developed and taught by practicing professionals
  • Begin the process immediately – take courses within the major from the start of the freshman year
  • Benefit from one-on-one attention – student teacher ratio is typically 12:1 or less
  • Pursue many opportunities to perform major roles and design for our productions
  • Perform in and design for a wide range of genres - musical theatre, drama, comedy, and the classics – through major productions, showcases, and one-act plays
  • Explore a variety of learning opportunities through professional internships, workshops, conferences, and special projects



Students on stage